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DIY All Purpose Natural Cleaner - Waste Free - Eco Friendly

Want an all natural toxic free cleaner for home or the office? Follow the recipe below which I have tried + tested + LOVE! Leaves my house smelling fresh and uplifting. NOT TO BE USED ON GRANITE OR MARBLE SURFACES!



1. 1 cup water

2. 1 cup white vinegar

3. 1/2 lemon juice (Optional)

4. 15 drops of 100% Pure Essential oils

5. Empty spray bottle (glass preferred to be more eco friendly but if you have an old empty plastic spray bottle that's perfect)



1. Pour all of the ingredients into the empty spray bottle (use a funnel if needed)

2. Place the spray nozzle on tightly and gentle shake to combine the ingredients 

3. READY TO GO! Just remember to gently shake before using to make sure everything is mixed equally.

4. Some say to store in a cool place or the fridge due to the fresh lemon juice in it but a way I have found to avoid this is by collecting all my lemon + lime rinds into a small container and covering with vinegar for 2 weeks. Then strain and use the vinegar in the recipe but skip using the fresh lemon juice.