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UnPaper Towel 6 Pack ~ Sushi
UnPaper Towel 6 Pack ~ Sushi
UnPaper Towel 6 Pack ~ Sushi

UnPaper Towel 6 Pack ~ Sushi

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None of your Beeswax NT's Unpaper Towels are the perfect eco reusable swap from conventional disposable paper towels. Our fun, bright prints add a splash of colour into your kitchen while providing a reusable option.

  • Each Unpaper towel is 25cm x 25cm, which is just slightly bigger than normal paper towels but will still fit on a paper towel holder. 6 individual sheets in a pack!
  • Absorbent 100% cotton flannelette single ply with serged edges to prevent fraying + durability.
  • They naturally cling together so it's very easy to roll them together on a paper towel holder/roll.
  • Washing them is easy, they can be hand rinsed and hung on your dish rack to dry or machine wash when extra dirty. Completely reusable so keep using againa and again.