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Beeswax Wrap Sizing & Uses

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Here at None of your Beeswax NT our reusable food wraps are all handmade here in the Northern Territory by Cassidy! (Owner of None of your Beeswax NT) Below are a list of the individual sizes and some uses..

20cm Circle: Great for wrapping cut avocados, the ends of cut fruit/veggies, covering small bowls, pet food tins, etc.

25cm Circle: Amazing for medium bowls, plates, small blocks of cheese, cut ends of bigger fruits & vegetables or folding into a pouch and storing snacks.

30cm x 30cm Square: Ideal for wrapping sandwiches & wraps, covering large bowls/plates, fold into a pouch to store fruit, veggies, nuts etc also great for those 1kg blocks of cheese.

40cm x 30cm Rectangle: This size can be cut using sharp scissors if not used enough but I use mine for wrapping the ends of celery, whole bunches of herbs, over long plates and platter dishes. Also great for wraps or small loaves of bread.

50cm x 50cm XL Square: Perfect to wrap your whole loaf of bread in, cover a baking tray or large salad/platter, keep whole celery & lettuce fresh OR it can be cut using sharp scissors into your own shapes & sizes.

Sewn Sandwich Bag: These bags will fit a sandwich perfectly but they are also great for snacks or 500g blocks of cheese.

100cm x 30cm Roll: Roll out and cut with sharp scissors to replace a whole roll of cling wrap! Great way of saving money and not having to use plastic.