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Safix Scrub Pad Large - Safix Coconut Fibre

Scrub Pad Large Coconut Fibre

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A cleaning pad with no nasties, no plastics and no chemicals? Safix has your answer, in their 100% coconut fibre pads. This large pad is ideal for larger surfaces and dishes for more cleaning and less elbow grease. You can even pop it in the dishwasher or run it under boiling water to refresh it, so you can get back to it without the stress!


This biodegradable, compostable scrub pad is made from natural, renewable coconut fibres and bounds with non-toxic adhesive. It easily removes baked-on stains without scratching and with less cleaning products than traditional pads. This unique pad is fair trade, extremely hygienic and will last for months. 

10cm x 15cm